Tuesday, October 26, 2010

$3 Give Thanks Frame

This past week I was inspired by this Blessings Board I came across from Less-than-Perfect Life of Bliss. It is much larger than what I did and has more flowers, but I wanted mine to be simple and quick. I think we all need a board like this to remember to count our blessings and thank God for the things He gives us. I can't wait until Ellie can spell and write her own blessings on the frame. This would also be a great project for an older kids room, almost like a dry erase board for their room. You can make it in any size that you find at a discount store or garage sale. Paint the frame, use fabric behind the glass...the possibilities are endless!

$3 Walmart frame

It looks like wood but it's actually plastic - shhh, don't tell!

Cut scrapbook paper to size and add stickers for the text.

I made a flower out of fabric and burlap, attached them with a brad and
scrunched up some tulle for the back. I adhered it to the frame with Gorilla Glue.

I used a simple dry erase marker but want to get some of the chalk markers.

Quick, easy and inexpensive project to remember our blessings!

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  1. A lovely reminder, now off to repurpose a frame!

  2. What a great idea!!

    I am now following you



  3. Great job! I love how you adapted it to make it your own. Thanks for linking back to me :) I've had a few people do this project & tell me about it, so I may do a post showing them off!


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