Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrate Today

Today one of my Facebook friends posted something that I wanted to encourage you all with because it encouraged me. He asked "What day could be better than today" and someone responded "Friday!". To that he wrote the following which I think is a beautiful reminder to all of us to celebrate the here and now:

"Ah yes, but we are not promised tomorrow, so choose to make every day Friday. Yesterday is gone so I have forgotten you, tomorrow may never come so I will not look forward your arrival, for today is offering me so much and I will not disrespect you by spending my time wishing for days long gone or those yet to come. I will breathe in your air and enjoy the sunshine or clouds, rain or snow, light or dark, for these are your gifts and this day is my blessing and enjoying you is my choice."
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  1. that's beautiful. yesterday, i put on my facebook status "each day is a gift, not a given right." it's from a song that i heard on the radio. and i just have to keep that in mind & be thankful for what i do have & make the most of my days here.

  2. Wow...very powerful words! ~Kimberly


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