Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Custom Letter Name Signs by Stephanie

Our wonderful babysitter Stephanie makes these name signs with custom pictures she's taken over the years. She has multiple styles of each letter that you can choose from. I love the "O" in our name and the vintage looking "N". For our name "CORNWELL" it was only $25 framed! The only downside is it's pickup only because it's so expensive to ship these signs. So if you're willing to drive to the north side of Indianapolis and are interested, let me know and I'll give Stephanie your info to get one for your house.

Don't forget, briolettes are on sale through Saturday!


  1. Oh, I am very interested in one of these!!! I live in Plainfield, so driving to the north side would be no biggie. I am thinking of one for a Christmas gift too!
    My e-mail is tk_mccord@hotmail.com

  2. Amy - I would like information on a family gift for Christmas as well. Whatever is easiest! ROBIN BROWN 773-1682


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