Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Chiffon Flower Barrette & Fabric Flowers

Two tutorials for you today. It's a flower-themed week! These two tutorials are super simple so that's why I'm doing two in one post. These are easy enough for anyone to do.

1. I purchased my chiffon flowers from this great seller on Etsy. (or make your own with this great guest-tutorial)
2. I didn't like the white pearls so I decided to clip them off. Be careful not to let your petals come apart. Make sure you have your needle ready before you clip it apart!
3. I used my thumb and forefinger to hold it all together after the stitching was removed.
4. Sew on 3 beads in the center of the flower, making sure that you go through all petals.

5. Make sure you tie off the back so the beads & petals don't come loose.
6. Pretty flower!
7. Sew on the barrette. You have to make sure you just go through the bottom few petals so you don't see the stitching through the top.
8. All done - easy peasy!

Big E loves to wear pretty frilly things!

1. Cut out your smallest circle freehand. The beauty of this flower is that it is not symmetrical and the edges are raw.
2. Cut out three other circles, each one about 1/4" larger than the previous one.
3. Fold all four in half and stitch. Open it back up, fold it in half the other way and stitch again. This gives it a little bit of dimension so that it's not so flat.
4. Sew on a contrasting button and use them for scrapbooks, to sew on clothing, to embellish a purse or make another barrette!

Super simple flowers, but they can be used in so many ways!


  1. him what kind the neddle and thread you use,?thanks

  2. You have to use a very small needle to fit through the crystal and I just use normal sewing thread, this also has to be thin (i.e. don't use embroidery floss) so that it'll go through the crystal. You don't have to get anything fancy!

  3. thank you so much for your fast reply, please let me know when you have new tutorial monica_garciagarza@hotmail.com , regards


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