Thursday, January 7, 2010

Create: Day 5 - stamped pendants

Tonight I worked on some orders, so that was my creativity for today. I'm still working on the studio and almost have it where I want it. I moved around some drawers, threw a bunch of junk away and even got rid of some containers so it looks cleaner in there.

My hubby wants to move our elliptical out of our room and down there so I can work out in the morning without waking anyone up which I think will work, but now I kind of want to do a sitting area in there. We'll see once we take a look at it together. Once again, no picture for today due to poor lighting. After this weekend I should have 4-5 new soldered items up in the shop. Have a great [early] weekend!

On a side note, I'm totally coveting these boots. It's really too bad that I spent all of my Christmas revenue on Disney. I should have saved a little back. Anyone want to buy them for me? Charcoal gray, size 8. Thanks!

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