Thursday, December 4, 2008

Too many choices??

I found a great seller of stamped jewelry on Etsy last week. She had over 30 sales yesterday and only has about 25 items for sale. She has a few different styles and two fonts. Necklaces only come with an 18" ball chain (no choice to change). My question up for discussion is: do I have too many options that it turns people away because they're overwhelmed? I have many different shapes, styles, 5 fonts (4 block in different sizes and one girly font), 4 different chains, etc. Is this overwhelming for customers or is it good to have options?

On another note that is with the same topic, how can I make my etsy shop easier to understand and easier to shop?


  1. I looked at your etsy site and LOVE your work! I love your choices. It is a bit confusing with the add-ons. Overall, though, I don't think it's difficult to find things. I may have to hint to my husband for Valentine's Day!


  2. i can remember being overwhelmed with choices and the lingo. i think it would have helped me to see one picture of all the chain choices, one picture of the charms etc. i felt like i was skipping around each listing to see all the options. hope this helps.
    happy new year and God bless!


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